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This platform is created and brought to you by CORE team.


Our team is made up of talented young coders, gaming specialists, especially for iOS and Android.


So, we can offer you, cheats for most popular games plaforms like iOS, Android and Facebook. To ease the use of the cheats we provide all of them in online version, user don't need to download anything. Therefore, all the cheats are online and can be accessed from any device which is connected to the Internet.


CORE team, guarantees the proper functioning of the cheats. We made updates whenever necessary, to keep all the hacks alive and in good working order.


We also guarantee that all cheats are safe, undetectable and can be used without any risk !


To prevent abuse of our cheats, and to have a lot of trusted users, we decided as any user which are using for the first time one of our cheat, to perform an easy verification process. After this verification, any user can use our cheats unlimited time for free.


We are happy for any feedback from you, we except any suggestion that could improve our services.


To contact us, please access the contact section from our platform.


We, CORE Team, hope that our cheats, will help you to play more easy and much better your favorite games.

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